Excitable Pets & Essential Oils

Let’s talk wild animals😂.

Puppies and dogs are an incredible source of love in families. But sometimes their excitement is beyond the capacity for the house to hold! If your little one is a spirited guy, here are some things you can try with them.

Recommended oils to help soothe and calm an overly excitable guy are Roman chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang, patchouli, cedar wood (bonus this one prevents fleas and ticks too!) and Frankincense.

All the oils will help with grounding and calming. If you don’t have a lot of resources in oils, I’d start with lavender. See the chart below for dilution ratio and how to apply.

If you do have a lot of oils the best way to determine what oil to use in animals is to simply offer them 2 choices and let them tell you. So choose the two scents you like the best out of those listed, or the ones you feel most drawn to. Then hold the lids in front of your dog and watch their reactions to both.

They may be drawn right away to one over the other. Or you may need to put them up to their nose, individually and watch their response. If they turn their head away, that one isn’t for them. If they sniff it more curiously and are interested in it, this is one that will work for them.

This is exactly how we were trained in school too to work with animals. They are far more in tune with their needs than we are! If they don’t like either scent, choose two more and repeat the process.

To use the oils, you may simply diffuse in the house and this can be helpful to a degree. But it’s most beneficial to apply to their skin with a carrier oil.

Dilute the essential oil into a carrier such as olive oil or grapeseed oil at a ratio based on the size chart below.

For small dogs 15lbs and under 1 drops per 1 oz
For medium dogs 15-30lbs 3 drops per 1 oz
For large dogs 50lbs -75lbs 5 drops per 1oz
For larger dogs 75-100lbs 10 drops per 1 oz

Apply to the skin and allow it to soak in. Preferably on their backs near the shoulder blades. This area helps to avoid them licking the oils off and ingesting them. You may apply up to 3xper day, at least 2 hours apart. For best results apply at least once daily.

Have fun with your fluffy furry friends!!! And remember cats should not have oils applied topically. But you may diffuse in the house, just be sure they have a well ventilated area or access to leave the room.