Pure Romance Organic Pure Blend, Roll On And Lotion

True Romance Blend

It’s almost February and in honor of Valentine’s day I would like to highlight one of my favorite blends, True Romance!  This savory blend of sweet and sensual is loading with qualities to set the tone for a romantic evening.  You can diffuse it, apply it to pressure points with a carrier oil or a roll on! You can massage it on you or a significant other using the lotion!  We can only say that the balanced blend will be sure to set the energy and the mood to a soft and romantic one!

The Ylang Ylang enhances moods of joy and happiness as it hold an anti depression quality that helps to subside feelings of nervousness and anxiety.

Vanilla helps to boost libido by stimulating hormones in the body such as testosterone in men and estrogen  in women.  Vanilla has been shown to increase hormone levels, uplift the mood with its  antidepressant qualities and make for a pleasurable energy!

Organic Cinnamon helps to boost brain function allowing the energy levels in the body to rise and has been proven to show it decreases mental tension. Cinnamon also increase blood flow by aiding in circulation!

Roman Chamomile Boost the immune system, helps to fight anxiety and depression, boost the nervous system!